"Once I discovered the constellations were more than a pretty little twinkle to wish upon, I grabbed those stars and stored them in my closet!"


Monday, May 31, 2010

Two of a kind


Kicking off Gemini....a KILLERS NEVER DIE t-shirt (customed ripped) "I Will Live Forever", Ripped boyfriend jeans, black leather sandals, huge stoned necklace.

Making a statement is a gemini must. It isn't enough to say it, but wearing the message takes it to a new level.

KILLERS NEVER DIE is an LA based t-shirt line glorifying the legends that never die, and the legacy they leave behind. The line just dropped their 5th collection, and is paving new roads for the edgy/rock scene. This line is for the Loud, Different, and Independent!
Check it

Collection of the last of Taurus

I know i lagged hardcore twds the end of taurus, and since the beg of Gemini, my harddrive crashed, so i lost all of my precious photos : (
sooooo here's a round out of what i had left from Taurus...
ok now its over and i'm moving on......GEMINI here I come

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


wearing: blue/grey tank with crocheted "dream catcher" neckline, brown jeans, multi-colored flower sandals


Ponch-oh-no! Hiding my arms underneath a plaid and frayed cape/poncho, dark jean shorts, beige leather boots, vintage coin necklace


This is my New Granola look, the nature girl.
wearing: Feather necklace in my hair, white thermal long sleeve shirt, green khaki board shorts, leather and turquoise belt, brown leather sandals with an eagle on them, a pink and orange floral canvas bag. Comfy and granola-ish, simple and naughty by nature. Totally Taurus, it's easy to wear and not overly thought out, but has notes of nature and earth tones.


^half of a friendship earring

Most people thought this looked like I was swaddling a baby, i just thought it was a fun way to wear my scarf.
Wearing: Jim Morrison t-shirt, black skinny jeans, brown converse sneakers, Taupe
"infiinity" scarf, and a shit-ton of feathers entwined in a braid-crown in my hair to make a "Nest" effect. I used hot pink feather earrings, peacock feathers, and loose colored feathers. The bird earring I wear everyday as a friendship earring only added to the nest of the look


Girlie day at work...wearing a 2 Layered Free People Dress (a mango and green print underneath with a pleated bottom & a nude crocheted layer on top) underneath i wore an Olive Green lace printed fishnet tank top, sand colored leather boots, and as for my accessories a leather ring with a studded cross and a couple other layered simple rings.


Mesh of feminine gauze floral and masculine plaid flannel!
wearing: vintage red plaid flannel, turquoise and silver belt, grey ripped tights, brown frye boots, religious art bracelet, gold cuff, and marc by marc black leather bracelet, floral shoulder bag
A LumberJill look at it's finest!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Krimpin' Aint Easy"

Krimpin' IS in fact easy!! and I LOVE it! I reallllly wanted a fro, or something close enough to it! so i krimped my whole head! But then decided to tame it by putting half of it back, but this thing could be wild! So I had a hot date..well a very casual hot date: wearing my white uo burn out slouchy off the shoulder shirt, vintage cut offs (which i've been LIVVVVING in) Pink rosary beads and multi cross necklace, Green military sweater jacket, dark brown over the knee socks, and 1996-esque sneaker boot things (which are super grungy and look like i could go on a hike! =perf taurus look)


Don't worry, I didn't break my ankle: I just retouched my PISCES constellation tattoo on my foot!
Feelin' a little Willie Nelson today...wearing : Red Plaid Flannel, Light Pink Sailor Jerry's "MOTHER" t-shirt, vintage cut off shorts, Black leather sandals, Red headband, brown suede fringed bag