"Once I discovered the constellations were more than a pretty little twinkle to wish upon, I grabbed those stars and stored them in my closet!"


Thursday, April 29, 2010

My New Boudoir!

Soooo I recently moved into a new house!!! This is my dressing room, the lair! I think I went a little bright on the walls, but what's life without a little color!? I happen to think this is pretty true to my Piscean nature, it's fanciful, romantic, and a bit odd with plenty of personal touches, feathers, and flowers!

^^Above is a sketch of yours truly, drawn by an extremely talented Venice, CA based artist named Christina Angelina. She is as beautiful as her work, check her out.!
www.christinaangelina.com You will be blown away! And yes, I'm in a tutu, it's how I belong!
^^I know technically, since this is a vest it should be in my closet, but how can I store this away?! It's become a piece for decor, I actually have never worn it, it simply hangs for show! but i WILL wear it! It's too dreamy not to rock, but I'll prob have to wait until Leo !! To the far right is my Vanity, that I adore for it holds the colors i put on my face and all my cherished necklaces! On the wall: I love things a little off, hence the anti symmetry. Up there are some personal photos of fam (specifically all the women in my life in the big light pink frame in the corner....it's my fav for many reasons, mostly though because everyone who comes in my room thinks it's me receiving my blue belt in karate..do you see it?! well it's not! i'm in a bassinet swing at my christening!!! hahaa idk.. i suppose i see the karate thing. To completely contrast the purity of my christening photo : beneath a photo of Natalie Wood as GYPSY ROSE LEE, a famous Burlesque Dancer!

Ahhhhhh the cocoon....Where the dreamer dreams. Need I say more

So that's all folks...just a little look into my cave : )


"If i were a painter.."
Had a lovely day off, went to go buy new flowers (which is one of my favorite things to do)

wearing: Purple tank dress, Light green and purple watercolor looking scarf, broken leather tall brown boots, printed multi-colored bag, brown suede hat with two paint brushes in the side (we skipped the feather in the hat and went right for art supplies)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


ok, so i should preface this with I hate all country looks, but for some reason i've been lookin' kinda farmgirl-ish. Anywho..here, i just finished brushing the horse at the ranch orrrrr went to my job wearing: Denim overall jumper, mauve burnout loose shirt, lace cut off shorts underneath overalls, brown/beige striped over-the knee socks, sand colored worn in boots, big silver rings
*everything about this look is 'worn in'..the denim, the burnout shirt, the boots.....it's a great contrast from Aries...there is plenty of texture and mixing patterns. That is a vital for Taurus


^jacked this war paint make up idea from my best, Erin Dennison, kick ass artist and human!

ok, computer went into a coma again... so let's play catch up!

I'm as happy as a pig in shit now that i get to wear my ripped and worn, loose and fringed!

Went to work (as usual) and did a rain dance wearing: Red and black plaid boys flannel , vintage ripped jean shorts, black running shorts underneath, a sea green scarf, lace up moccasins fringed boots, saint bracelet from portugal, turquoise cuff, gold bangles

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Color Me Mine ---nail polish!

^"Chocolate Kisses"-Essie
^"Here Today Aragon Tomorrow"-OPI (it's an incredible OLIVE GREEN)

Try the ones above! I just got them today


^the braided texture of my shoe

Day 3! Have the day off, so I'm off to go with my friend to get her tattoo! The sun isn't shining too bright here in SoCal, but I can't help wear cut off shorts!

Wearing: Dark teal floral printed long sleeve shirt, ripped and worn cut off jean shorts, brown leather belt, brown braided sandals, long peace sign necklace and long feather and turquoise necklace, yellow leather bag

*texture and layering is key! Different patterns and multiple layers help give the taurus look dimension and style! Everything here has texture from hair to accessories to shoes...It makes it feel very carefree and relaxed.

Like a Virgin

*don't mind the backround actor here: )

Soooo it's only the second day of TAURUS, and I couldn't be happier!! Wearing: Virgin Mary t-shirt, dark denim jeans, sand worn in boots (same bottom half as yesterday), Brown leather belt, Green scarf, 2 earrings in left ear- Turquoise beads and blue feather, and a bindi (just to make this outfit multicultural, plus i just loveee bindis)

Always ComfortaBULL

Opening Day of Taurus!!! Comfort and effortlessness is key in this look. I'm soo excited to be rocking a more laid back look! wearing: (not seen in photo: yellow green tank with olive green lace tank over it), Slouchy Grey hoodie, Dark denim, Sand colored worn in Boots, Brown and Blue Paisley scarf around my head, Lucky Brand Aviator Shades

times are a changin'

These are a pile of my "taurus" shoes! This is the final stage of my change over to Taurus! Changing my closet this time wasn't an easy task since i've been so busy. I'm a little behind, but here it all is!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Been working to change over my closet into Taurus!! Ive been soooo busy lately,I havent been able to do it allll in one day.. I'll be completely changed over soon! Soooooooo excited for a more natural, flower child look!!!! get set!

PLAID ROMANCE:the last of the RAM

So, we are officially in TAURUS, but here's the last day of ARIES: Red and white plaid ruffle button down, dark denim high waisted shorts, lighter jean jacket, black riding boots

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I finallllllly had a full day off, so I strolled through the flea market and down melrose on a beautiful sunny day while wearing: an oatmeal colored 3/4 sleeve shirt, a khaki linen vest, high waisted dark denim shorts, brown belt, grey suede gladiator heels, a thin gold cuff bracelt, and a black leather wrist band, and (not seen above) my off-white patent leather marc by marc bag.
*there's nothing too crazy special about this outfit, it's basic, but i swear it wasn't too boring.. i had a really bold red lip. that's all a girl ever needs to punch up a neutral colored outfit!


wwwwearing: crisp white button down shirt, khaki high waisted mini skirt, turquoise leather belt, blue and gold printed scarf, jean jacket, and navy satin flats.
This is my 'pretend working for martha stewart' outfit'


I Absolutely loveeeeeeeeee a nautical look! Anything with stripes, anchors, ships, etc...i'm aboard! It's so classic, and the colors are always right in line with an aries look, so it's perfect!
worked, worked, worked while wearing: A navy sundress with white anchors, a creme cardigan cinched at the waist by a gold braided belt, off-white and white striped espadrilles, and a powder blue suede head band.


ok: can't get enough of this blazer! i wear it 6 out of 7 days of the week i think! it's perfectly preppy with everything i wear!
wearing: (yet again)Navy Blazer, grey loose shirt, off white jeans, brown belt, leopard flats, royal blue scarf.

ok break is over!

My computer was shot, but now it's back!! Just in time to wind down Aries, and start up Taurus!..By Tuesday, i'll be saying a long awaited farewell to Aries, and Hello to a whole new and more free spirited look! Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Getting my outfits together for the remainder of the week ...it's so much easier when you plan ahead. Along with astrological organizing, I keep an order for my clothes. Not just color coded either. Basically, I have my wardrobe planned out for the month. I organize it in a specific manner, then I just let it unfold, and check a week in advance to visualize what the week will look like. Of course, there's always room for changes and playing, but order is key here! This upcoming week is looking pretty "americana"...we shall see!


*Today I look like a girl dressed in her gay best friend's clothes.
Opened Shop today ..wearing: Purple sweater, Yellow collar necklace, paint splattered and torn khakis with chain hooked on belt loops, grey patent leather 'mens' shoes
(later I added a jean jacket and tied a silk scarf to the chain, amped it up a bit!)


*a ballet flat is an Aries' best friend, and in a bold print like leopard, they're her bff

Worked, worked, worked all day in a Grey loose fitted long sleeve shirt (i loveeee shirts in this cut. It's intentionally baggy..but cut shorter in the front and longer in the back..kind of like a great shirt version of a mullet...hmm questionable) anywayy..i paired it with off white slightly torn jean rolled at the ankle. The shape of the outfit reminds me of the early sixties (hense the full pomp of "bridget bardot-esque" hair. ), a brown belt, Black Michael Kors bag, LEOPARD print ballet Flats
*The neutral /classic colors allow me to have that pop of print on the shoe that really make the outfit stand out!


Had an audition early in the day...keep in clean and simple Killer heels...i really mean killer, these are some serious sitting shoes..not for dancin'Luckily, I got to change into these for the rest of the day as I moved boxes into my new house!Got a bit more comfy and tossed on a straw fedora to pull focus to my noggin'
*my DEEP BLUE V-neck was the only thing that made it through the whole day!
Started out wearing: Deep Blue V-neck t-shirt tucked into Dark Blue skinny jeans, and Black ultra strappy heels.
Changed into: Deep Blue V-neck t-shirt, Jean cut offs (cut from old jean pants), Grey cardigan, Blue moccasins, Straw fedora hat with black and white check bow.