"Once I discovered the constellations were more than a pretty little twinkle to wish upon, I grabbed those stars and stored them in my closet!"


Monday, August 29, 2011


H by Henry Holland tie front blouse, £16
Chiffon skirt, £9
Fendi platform wedge heels, $380
Valextra duffle bag, $9,330
TopShop oversized sunglasses, $45
CO OP Barneys New York buckle belt, $95
Bless Safety Pin, $20

Safety First: a tale of a meticulous and uptight sweetheart

Virgo- Everyone knows you're the master of detail work, and today you show off for the masses. It's easier than ever to score big with something others would have terrible trouble with.
Super Speedy Coffee date before work today.
I managed to get in a good .4 second cry fest (don't ask)before I snapped a couple fotos.
Is it just me or is EVERYTHING changing in EVERYONE'S life right now?? Every single human I talk with lately is going through major epic changes-such a breath of fresh air. I toast my Grande Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee with a touch of Skim to the bravery of change! In my book, to not change is to die. So, I'm living on and changing things the fuck up. -Cheers
--now: back to Zodiac loveliness ..oh, hey virgo

Virgo Musts
Crisp white button up
Femme Floral
The most uptight and least punk way to wear a Safety Pin

Friday, August 26, 2011


3 1 Phillip Lim cap sleeve top, $195
D&G skinny pants, $932
Miu Miu pointy shoes, $392
Marc by Marc Jacobs logo handbag, $328
Michael Kors gold tone jewelry, $240
Miss Selfridge antique gold jewelry, £10
Karen Walker Eyewear tortoise sunglasses, $180
NARS Blush - Angelika, $27
Tom Ford Lip Color Blush Nude One Size, $48
Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara. - Beauty Blog -..., $24


Virgo-You feel a little burdened by all the stuff going on today. That's ok--everyone has hte right to feel tired from time to time, and it's a safe bet that your load will lighten in just a few days.

Yesterday, I had a day-date at Venice Beach: perusing the junk, smelling the hippies, feeling the Pacific's breeze. I walked away with sand in my shoe and a bag of incense. It never gets old
Virgo Musts:
Leather trousers + sleek/minimal chignon + layered thin necklaces.

wait i'm not done.

I need to say 2 more things

1. These leather pants didn't fit last summer, so ..fuck yeah.
2. The fringe on the butt is epic and I needed to address it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

POLISH SMOLISH- "Minimalistic & Mint Candy Apple"

Big Ups to 'Essie' for being there for this weeks Manicure & Pedicure. 'Minimalistic' (hands) and 'Mint Candy Apple' (feet)--My aim were colors that were soft and clean (saving sharp & dark for next week). Mission Accomplished.





New Nu Neutrals

Virgo- Your friends are searching for you --or for your attention. It may be hard with so many separate demands, but if you can keep up with it, it's totally worth it.
waited by the window for my best brunette (libra), and when she showed: I realized we were both donning quite colorful outfits? Rainbow displays? no: a bed of neutrals with touches of metallic to throw off onlookers from thinking we were the beige brigade-even though we are.
Virgo Checklist:
pleated shorts + simple color palette + collared shirt + bifocals

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

leo/virgo cusp

Absolute perfection for a Leo/Virgo Cusp. done and done.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Perfecto Leo/Virgo Cusp hair. It's Purrfectly Pure. White for Virgo's virginity, yet has that brushed out wave and volume to appease a Lioness. This is honestly my hair-inspiration right now. Working my way to white. Can't wait to get there. White wolf, here I come.

Virgo on Deck!

Anticipating and Preparing for Virgo in a couple days. I'm now in the midst of getting my 'virgo' make-up in order!! It's looking fresh and modernly feminine. What else to expect: clean lines, impeccable attention to detail, combinations of soft femme fabric with ultra tailored and smarty pants intentions. Virgo is one of my favorite signs as far as people and style go. Getting pretty amped over here. How do I contain myself? I don't.
Also, I met a super duper rad Virgo gal last night, who coincidentally looked like the twin of another lovely virgo I know. Re-enstating the greatness of a virgin.
Virgo Revolution!

Friday, August 19, 2011



Fish out of water much? So far out of the water, this finned female has found herself roaming the jungle: Lion Territory! What do both pisces and leo have in common- Big Dreams and Fancy Imaginations! PLay off that- Fur? Yes, absolutley! But why stop there?? Make the fur BLUE!!! Pisces, learn from Leo and get that fantasy out of your head, make it a reality, and wear it proud and loud!!



Looking for a little opposition, Aquarius? Leo is your polar opposite sign, and perhaps you're intrigued by that and want in on the lioness look. Well, truth be told-youre not all too different. Yes, you may be more spacey and future fashioned, but both signs live to stand out. SO, pull out all the stops-platforms, jumpsuits, oversized sunnies, feathers & fringe, and of course a psychedelic print somewhere. Your Aquarius + Leo outfit should speak volumes and certainly get some celestial stares.



So, smarty-pants little Capricorn you wanna roar like a lion? Ok, let's make it happen. Wide leg trousers, metallic details, and a bold lip. Get influenced by the 70's but lose your quirk to all this flash-do it in small doses.



yumm yum yum, lush and boho and bold, oh my! A Sagittarius taking note from Leo can only mean one thing: more excellence. Hang on to your knack for well tailored meets boho chic and amp up that haute hippie --fur and feathers . C'mon Sag--get dramatic for christ's sake. That's the Sag's lesson learned from Leo- Exaggerate! You have the guts!



Funny seeing you here, Scorpio. Looking for some Leo inspiration-?well here it is: Velvet. Fur. Sequins.
Happy now? Didn't think so. Fuck, it's impossible to please you people. Hike it up a few notches on the opulence and let up on your whole 'mysterious' shtick. Leo's wear their skin loud and proud, letting the world know who they are. Scorps, we love you for your mystery, but if you wanna wear Leo well, wear it with pride and a high heel!


Cat envy, Libra? You can have some of this kitty's glam look, as long as you promise to bring your libra fun! It's no secret that Libras love accessories--so try some new kittilicious inspired ones with a bohemian air.



Excess and Minimalism-surely we can find a happy place for Virgo to infuse a little lion. Absolutely, a skinny, well tailored pair of leather pants are keyyyyyy-they're a must. Overall, it's all about the details, as always with virgos. This time though, the details are showstopping instead of dainty. A virgo will never give up a smart, precise, and feminine ensemble-nor should they- but let all those qualities stand out with some help from a bold LEO aesthetic.



Yes, I know what do Cancers and Leo have in common?--well how about leopard and a sex kitten disposition? Get a little sassy, you crabs. Pops of red are the link between these two signs.



Gem, Gemi, Geminis --so you wanna be a lion? Get Gaudy! Keep your playful threads and amp them up up with wild life prints and gold accessories.



Oh, yes, bring on the maxis , fur, leather, and oversized neckcessaries!! Taurus, you can still be comfortable while being a show-stopper! Use your already existing love for nature and wear that nature on crack! Focus on rich warm colors and let your inspiration be 'lux nature queen'. no? too much? WRONG! Never too much!