"Once I discovered the constellations were more than a pretty little twinkle to wish upon, I grabbed those stars and stored them in my closet!"


Wednesday, June 30, 2010


love the dainty floral print, and its super soft

Had an afternoon ice cream fest..wearing: A yellow V-neck sweater, paint splattered khakis with a white ribbon belt, a diamond bracelet, and vintage bright blue heels


Featuring the love of my life, my pup, Gypsy Moon (Aries pup)

Walked the doggie (my smush face) wearing: White Burn Out shirt, Crystal necklace, off-white jeans boyfriend jeans, dull teal thin belt, metallic silver leather sandals


d&g floral and script bra..i'd take this one to paris

Doing laundry wearing..... "Mother" t-shirt, high waisted dark denim shorts, leopard print flats, pink cat eye sunglasses

Cancer is the Mother of the Zodiac... soo the t-shirt is only appropriate... it has a rockabilly touch with the sailor jerry tattoo style..
to match is a "m o t h e r" tattoo behind my ear. (not seen in pictures)


this is my favorite bra, simple nude lace, zero support.

So I went home to Hoboken, NJ for a week! Home Sweet Home. Though it's a Cancer's favorite place, it's no stranger for a Pisces like me either!

Sitting outside the house I grew up in, reading out local paper and heading out wearing: A Straw fedora hat with a black and white checkered ribbon, a lightweight heather grey tank, purple cardigan (that was once pink before i rit dyed it), white cuffed shorts, a Leopard print belt, clear jelly sandals, and a black Michael Kors bag.

The outfit is casual, and has classic notes such as the fedora hat, preppy shorts, and a cardigan.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

plastic BAGGY

Off the shoulder Neon Yellow oversized shirt, green/grey drop crotch pants, black leather sandals, chunky stone necklace

the long and SHORT SKIRT of it

Grey loose long sleeve shirt, light pink satin pleated skirt, neon neon pink knee socks, black riding boots! Barbie schoolgirl<3

Name Dropper

Loveeeeee this outfit, and it's not gemini in it's color, but in it's modern shapes
Black basic tank with zipper, olive green/grey drop crotch pants, CK grey suede cage heels, "D&G" chain.
Name dropping with designer initials and a tough little zipper give the gem touch to this otherwise simple outfit.

World B Cup

Here's a little tid bit: This "BRASIL" cut up t-shirt isssss in fact PELE's home country Soccer Jersey. On my life. anddddd it's fucking neon!!!! underneath it is a heather grey long tank, denim cut off shorts, and navy blue Hi-Top Vans
Below that is my mani of the week: on one hand: pastel green and the other a lilac: on both middle and ring finger's i have OPI's "mad as a hatter" glitter.

Light My Fire

check the neck! my fav part: a bday candle necklace (a gift from anthropologie for my bday in march). It's sooooo rad and different *blow and make a wish*, grey long sleeve semi crop top, dark skinny jeans, and hanging off the belt loop is a green scarf, paperclip necklace, and feather necklace!
All the cooky accessories make this basic outfit "geminized"

Friday, June 11, 2010


OK-here's a buttload of photos:
Sooooo i haven't been to a BLINK 182 concert since 2005, but that doesn't stop me from reppin' the faces of pop punk's finest whiney trio's ripped shirt via my roommates "yard sale pile"..paired with ripped cut off shorts, navy doc martins (with silver sparkle laces!), and one leather and studded fingerless glove.

Sunday, June 6, 2010