"Once I discovered the constellations were more than a pretty little twinkle to wish upon, I grabbed those stars and stored them in my closet!"


Monday, December 27, 2010

Just a little INSPIRATION for Capricorn

Just a little kickoff inspiration for Capricorn....

more to come...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sparkles, and Feathers, and Fringe, oh my!

Accessories should have a mix of glam and native american! So think great statement necklaces, Feathers, Fringe, Fur, and precious stones!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

winter is playing a trick on me

Blazer + fur scarf + riding boots + aviators
wool + shine + fur + leather

This outfit didnt last very long in SoCal 88 degree december weather

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Fur + olive patent leather LAMB shoes + leopard + custom glove

An ode to a Preppy Wild Child

Friday, December 10, 2010


She is the truest Sag, style and all. She looks great in sporty and well tailored clothing. She loves luggage, like a true sag on the go should! She tries out trends that are "in" and always has a new item that she's into, but by the next time i see her, she's moved on to a totally different "love". For as far back as I can remember, she's always worn neutrals, and looked fantastic in them...but always dressed them up with an assortment of accessories. She hardly wears dresses; i think i can count on both hands how many times i've ever seen her in one. She's way more comfortable, and feels more like herself in pants. She tells it how it is, and wears what she wants. She is my main inspiration for SAG Style, and just about everything else in my life.

Two typical Sag Girls!
And look how in sync their outfits are!!! Tell me this shit's not real.. i dare you!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


A great style for Sag's are an aviator pair! The traveler in you looks great in them! Just make sure you find a great classic pair of them, stay away from the cheesy colored ones. If you're not into aviators, an oversized of brown shades will do the trick.

WAR PAINT: a Sagittarian's Guide to Putting on her Face

Stay in the brown/bronze family. There can be drama and glamour, but stay away from crazy colors on your eyes.

Get that bronzer out, and define those cheek bones! Add a coral or bright pink on the apples of your cheeks, so you don't look tooo severe.

As for lips, Go for brights! Bright Oranges, Corals, Pinks, Reds. Stay Warm, it is winter after all. And go bold: lacquer up those lips with a high gloss.
If you aren't that daring kind of sag (which doesn't really exist) or your just looking for another alternative to a bold mouth: go nude. Find a great nude color, and again add some gloss, so it doesn't look like you forgot to apply your lips. And, if youre going naked on your smackers, then amp up those eyes a bit more, and really punch up the color on your cheeks, so you look alive!


Sag girls usually have a great mane, but tend to toss it back in a pony tail, so it doesn't get in their way. So, go for some interesting new ways to wear your hair in a pony. Don't just resort to tossing it back, you're better than that.

Length on a Sag is always really stunning, but no matter what, strong and healthy hair is a must. So that means: no split ends and treat your hair to some masks and leave in conditioners to add a refined silky look.

As for color, I love to see a warm brown on a Sag. A full, rich color: a perfect frame for a bold lip on your face! Personally, I just went a little darker myself.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A LEG up

Whether it be in a pair of skinny jeans, tights, or a high hemline...Your legs are one of your best features, esp your thighs, so show them off! Do your best to elongate your stems by trying a pair of high-waisted jeans. Your pants should be easy to move in since you can't sit still, so rely on inexpensive leggings.

Monday, December 6, 2010


from the BURLESQUE 2010 collection

I hold this particular color extremely close to my heart and my jazz hands! The title "let me entertain you" is a song from my absolute favorite musical: Gypsy! Therefore, I couldn't resist, and it just so happens this sparkly bright rasberry hue to absolutely perfection for Sagittarius!!!!

Pyramids & Skyscrapers

Turban + blazer + riding boots + geometric shirt

This is my "Egypt -> NY" outfit

these are some SAG staples here: tights, blazer, riding boots

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Oversized Sweater + Marc Jacobs Plaid Baggage + Yellow Leather + Rugged Riding Boots

On my way to Palm Springs for the weekend: turquoise jewelry..check!

ps..just got this sweater, and i foresee getting A LOT of use out of it, esp with a punchy lip like this one ( which is a random, non brand, fantastic Pink, it doesn't even have a name. I must have had this for years from some cheap kit from highschool ::h o a r d e r::

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Do you know where you are? You're in the Forest, baby, you're gonna die.

Moccasins+Jewels+knit vest+new dark locks

Well well.. my first SAG post... feeling like a Hunter already