"Once I discovered the constellations were more than a pretty little twinkle to wish upon, I grabbed those stars and stored them in my closet!"


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LEOpard Print

Oh, Leo

A Leopard turban + An excess of wrist love + Big gold earrings
done. and done.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Cancer: You could use a good night's sleep, moonchild. But even as this thought resonates in your head, you are thinking up reasons why you simply can't get a good night's sleep tonight. There are things to do, problems to solve, and lists to make for all of tomorrow's obligations as well. But if you don't get some rest and relaxation, you will burn yourself out. You are a very nurturing sign. If someone you cared about was in a similar position, and you could see that person draining his/her reserves, you would offer the same advice. So, get to bed early more often. It will make a huge difference in your productivity.
fucking everything here.
sea green a-line dress + leopard bag + cat eye glasses, c'mon all of it.

Well, folks, this is the wrap up for Cancer. There will be blood. I mean there will be more. I've decided to commit to style blending the signs, so more cancer to come. just mixed with every other sign.

ps. special thanks to my soulfriend, eddie (virgo extraordinaire) for snapping these fotos.

OK Bouquet

Am I the only one who sees a smiley face on my bag?
Highwaisted shorts + Flower Bib necklace

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cancer swims with Pisces

Cancer/Pisces, ah the glory. The most romantic and enchanting of the combos. She lives in a fanciful world with a wardrobe to match. Dreamy details on vintage inspired threads live throughout her closet. She dies for second hand, flea market finds, and ancient heirlooms. Colors that reflect underwater work magically for this cancer/pisces mix.

Cancer swallows Aquarius whole

Cancer/ Aquarius combo may take the cake on most bizarre combo, and yet turned out to be one of my favs! An ultra modern/slightly futuristic yet super retro galaxy pin up girl. yeah, digest that for a second. ok, this girl is totally unpredictable, and everyone loves her for it. The key here is monochromatic base with sharp edges and playful accessories.


Cancer eats Capricorn for lunch

Cancer/Capricorn mix is full of history, charm, modesty. She is witty and smart with sass and loyalty to people and styles that work for her. This combo doesn't try too many new looks: she knows what works for her and rides it. Unexpected color combinations modernize otherwise vintage looks. And yes, I made up the word 'mascufemme' because it's the perfect adjective for this 50/50 masculine/feminine style.

Cancer takes Sagittarius and runs

Cancer & Sagittarius couldn't be any more different, but when they compromise with a luxurious, tailored, and classic aesthetic, it is an unexpected firework. She takes from the modern side of the crab and strength of a Sag to make clean structured lines with metallic accessories. She's an indulger, always on the hunt for the best of the best. She lives for the finer things in life, then wears it every chance she gets.

Cancer kicks it up a notch with Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio mix is Lethal! The two water signs are the sexiest signs of the zodiac. The combo is basically a bad ass, s&m housewife! yeah. i know. killer. Little white gloves & a garter belt. She'll steal your husband, and still seduce you too. She doesn't show all of her cards though. Her style isn't overtly sexy, you just know what lies beneath. This style calls for an hourglass shape, vintage flair with sharp modern bite. A vixen, a vampy mother fucker, a girl you don't want your boyfriend to know. She's Betty Crocker meets Bettie Page: who can compete with that?

Cancer falls for Libra

Cancer/Libra mix is yummm. Traditionalist with a bag of risks to play with. She has the value of classic shapes with anything goes accessories. This whole marriage of zodiac styles is based on romance, boy meets girl, cancer courts libra. It proves you can keep a luscious neutral palette and still be playful. Crabs and Scales come in first place when mixing sexy and romantic female with her boyfriend's jacket. While both Cancer & Libra women are very strong and capable, they both value and appreciate the courting process, even if it's just them courting their closet. My best romances are with my shoes. Don't judge. Yours probably are too.

Cancer meets Virgo, and it's love.

A Cancer/Virgo combination is a perfect ladylike look. She is tiny, crisp, dainty, and impeccably styled. She makes vintage styles look fresh. This mix calls for attention to detail, and better make those details feminine. Fit is also immensely vital to scoring this astro combo-it should appear as if the outfit is specifically tailored for your body. Everything in good taste.

Cancer bombarded by Leo

Cancers are the matriarch and Leos are the queen: can we get a little more female ego over here?? This combo calls for a lot of attention, but not unwanted, trashy attention, instead glam and refined! This girl can out woman any other two combo of signs! Throw on the glitz, leopard print, and 6 inch peep toe heels. She impresses by breathing.

Cancer with a handful of Gemini

A Cancer & Gemini mix is truly a girl's girl. A fun girl who is playful, flirty, gossips a little much but means well. She may be late for your lunch date, but she baked you cookies. She's a charmer, and hard to stay mad at. Her style is cutesy and unpredictable. This zodiac style combo doesn't fear any color or print, yet its never sloppy, and always has the perfect shade of pink lipstick for you to borrow.

Cancer with a helping of Taurus

A Cancer and Taurus mix of style is for someone aiming to look warm, sophisticated, yet unpretentious. Substantial size in jewelry is key, with neutral stones-statement pieces that aren't flashy. Another key is comforttttt. A Cancer/Taurus combo doesn't sacrifice the joy of comfortable clothing: including soft, loose fitting materials, and wedges over 6 inch stilettos. There is a common thread of stability and comfort with these two signs that make it impossible to avoid that when combining their styles.

Cancer crammed with Aries

A Cancer based look with an Aries infusion is a stunner. To combine these signs take a classic silhouette for cancer and re-vamp it in a modern, never seen before way for Aries. It's definitely a look for a woman who isn't afraid to stand out, lead the pack, and take charge! This woman has it all. If you choose to blend this water & fire sign, don't forget to add some sparkle to it, and a shit load of confidence! You can't walk around with slumped shoulders when sporting this combo.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Cancer: A recent disappointment will give way to a whole new perception of a situation, and much greater gift. You were recently let down by someone or something from your past. You had idealized it so much that you never really saw it in clear light. When it's true value became known to you, you probably felt disappointed and disillusioned. But you will soon discover that it didn't work out for a very good reason- something truly special will take it's place, and that will make all the difference in the world.

Cat Eye glasses.yum.+ t-strap shoes + cape

ok, this particular evening had a little infusion of Capricorn, I felt a little extra brainy and needed to show it. So, here lies my perfect blend of Cancer and Capricorn, representing the 'C's" of Cosmic style:
A retro story of the well read and wide eyed.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

POLISH SMOLISH- "Smooth Sailing"

"Smooth Sailing", a periwinkle hue from Essie's 2011 Summer Collection is my polish choice of ze week! The color suggestion came from a Sagittarius, though I found the shade to be much more reflective of our ocean dwelling Cancer signs, especially due to the slight glitter in it. I'm not wild over mild glitter--i'd rather glitter vomit (stay tuned for next weeks Leo Polish choices for some sparkle overload). But this color seemed to fit just right for the last week of Crabbies. I also enjoy the word periwinkle just as much as the dreamy, soft, underrated and underused (in my opinion) color. I know the photo looks more like shiny navy, but i prommmmise -it's Luke Periwinkle

Monday, July 18, 2011

MRS. CLAWS: An Ode to Cancer, The Crustaceans of the Zodiac

Cancers are known for their motherly nature, sweet, feminine class act kinda gal demeanor- But don't forget those pinchers!!!! A Cancer is not afraid to use them. In fact, she looks forward to it...and she makes it look good. She'll make you like it.
SO, let's take a moment to praise our shelled sisters..and for the original gaga dame up at the top of the page in the crab hat-she throws practicality to the wind and still manages to keep her nipples covered. Bet she's a cancer too.



Current Elliott denim shirt, £156
Marc Jacobs cotton shorts, £167
Ralph Lauren Collection open toe shoes, £190
Mulberry bag, $1,350
Jennifer Ouellette headbands hair accessory, £17
Oliver Peoples square sunglasses, $310
Jennifer Ouellette headbands hair accessory, £17


Cancer: Do you have that sense that something wonderful is going to happen to you? Do you have an almost giddy feeling that good fortune is at hand? If so, that is certainly your sensitive, intuitive nature picking up on some very good fortune vibrations being sent to you. You call it luck, but it's really a warm wave of happiness, abundance, and prosperity thats's overflowing in your life right now. Good things can happen for you now. Call out to your dreams, and make your wishes known to the universe.

If you're dream is to fly...this might not be the best place to test the air. Today's location is 25 flights up from the pavement, a view I'm oh so familiar with.
Sequin scarf turned turban + my favorite new sunglasses + Americana Denim Shirt

.My grandmother (who is the most fabulous and Canceriest Cancer of all time) asked me if this look was cancer? When I of course said yes, I asked why? She replied:"Cause it's a little trickey." 'Trickey' meaning having a little spice to it, or jazzed up as she'd also say. She was referring to the sequins in particular, also pointing out that they were unexpected with the rest of the look, and it made it look "different". She also agreed to be my photographer for this shoot. So, thanks, Mama!