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Monday, November 8, 2010


in the darkest of hours..

Black eyeliner is imperative. Make your lines sharp. As far as shadow goes, try something in a deep purple or burgandy family

Cheek to Cheek:Wine colors are where it's at. I'm more about a stained cheek then a full powder one right now.

back to BLACK! Line your lips perfectly, and dare to wear this goth inspired lip. It's pure drama. i'm also a HUGE advocate that NAVY IS THE NEW BLACK, last winter i found a Navy color called 'After Midnight' by Manic Panic, it's what i've been looking for for years! I swear Navy lips are going to happen!

If the ultra dark hues scare you, try a blood red, something that is full in color. A deep maroon will be just as dramatic, but with training wheels.

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