"Once I discovered the constellations were more than a pretty little twinkle to wish upon, I grabbed those stars and stored them in my closet!"


Monday, September 26, 2011


On a fine Virgo evening, some weeks ago, I joined a Libra and fellow Pisces to a shin dig at The LAB ART gallery, a home for high end street art on La Brea http://www.labartgallery.com/. While we were there for the opening of "FIXED: A Bicycle & Canvas Exhibition", I could help but geek over a 3 word Artist 'DESIRE.OBTAIN.CHERISH.'(yes, that's his name--how "LA", right? or Pluto. )http://www.desireobtaincherish.com/ Such simple words, but so direct with immense impact. It's almost as if this street artist's mantra has been following me around the greater los angeles hood for a minute now, only to now catch him in his very habitat: I couldn't help but focus in on some of his pieces.
On another, more Amish note, I was rocking the most coveted look in Lancaster County: covered head to toe--bulky knit camel colored semi-crop sweater, a white maxi skirt, and suede slouchy desert boots. How might this be meticulously Virgo, you might ask? Ah, good question: Modesty + Simplicity + A Neutral Palette. This all accompanied by a fairly bare face and well behaved hair make up some pretty serious Virgo qualities--not everyyything needs to be straight lines, virgo!
This seemingly doubty ensemble is actually a testament to NOT having to dress like a prostitute in order to get holla'd at. This look was (for some god-forsaken reason) a winner with the gents. I swear i'm not delusional. I know this isn't my best game face, i'm well aware, perhaps boys can just smell newly single--even under all that knit.

Oh, Also--

I should mention that I thoroughly enjoy putting funny things on my head with the most seemingly serious intent.

There's more where that came from.

Another 'Also', Am I only person who thinks the word "hat" is funny?? As in, "hey, nice hat"--when clearly what's on the person's head is NOT a hat, but rather a basket or perhaps a bad haircut...
rolling solo on that one?
that's fine.


  1. this was my favorite post of yours ever. you're so akward <3 wouldn't change a thing. love your hat.

  2. <3hey wife, thanks so mucho..leave for comments so i feel specialllll