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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Celeb Style Icon Birthday: JOANNA NEWSOM

A very Happy Belated Birthday (1/18) style tribute to my absolute favorite musician on planet earth-so completely genuinely provoking happiness in my bones. Capricorn, Joanna Newsom owns my ears with her harp plucking, piano playing, tall tales, and meandering and otherworldly voice. Her songs sound like getting lost in a magical meadow somewhere, and never wanting to find your way back, but alas, your itunes stops and unwillingly drags you back to your downtown apt. Much like Joanna's melodies and lyrics, her style is dainty and bizarre- a combination I will forever and ever fancy. Do yourself a favor--allow yourself to fall into the enchanted rabbit-hole that is the land of Joanna Newsom. Make your ears happy.

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