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Thursday, December 9, 2010

WAR PAINT: a Sagittarian's Guide to Putting on her Face

Stay in the brown/bronze family. There can be drama and glamour, but stay away from crazy colors on your eyes.

Get that bronzer out, and define those cheek bones! Add a coral or bright pink on the apples of your cheeks, so you don't look tooo severe.

As for lips, Go for brights! Bright Oranges, Corals, Pinks, Reds. Stay Warm, it is winter after all. And go bold: lacquer up those lips with a high gloss.
If you aren't that daring kind of sag (which doesn't really exist) or your just looking for another alternative to a bold mouth: go nude. Find a great nude color, and again add some gloss, so it doesn't look like you forgot to apply your lips. And, if youre going naked on your smackers, then amp up those eyes a bit more, and really punch up the color on your cheeks, so you look alive!

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