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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catalog Report: Anthropologie Summer 2011

I don't know about you, but I absolutely loveee getting mail, especially when it's Catalogs instead of bills! One of my fav catalogs to flip through is Anthropologie. This Summer's catalog was filled with vibrant and dreamy locations with their signature femme friendly looks. The catalog poses a well traveled, relaxed, and an enriched culture kind of lifestyle. I found some of these looks to correspond accurately with 3 key zodiac signs--Influences of Taurus, Cancer, & Virgo are sprinkled upon the pages. Here are some of my favorites of the Anthro 2011 Summer Catalog.
A Gorgeous look for a summer taurus look, A perfect print for the bull with a touch more refinement. approved.
I have officially fallen in love with the images below that are completely reminiscent of Cancer! A marriage of modern & vintage on a bed of nautical greatness with an undeniable feminine sex appeal with loads of class.
Speaking of loveee, the Virgo inspired images below are all sorts of glorious highlighting the genius of detailed white floral--both in clothing & home decor. Simple, fresh, & feminine = the bones of a virgo.

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