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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Celeb Style Icon Birthday: GWEN STEFANI

Usually, I would wish a happy birthday, and call it a day...but today happens to be a very special day in history--other than the birth of my big brother, Gwen Stefani also reminds us that you can dress however the fuck you want at any age. I thought I'd take it amongst myself to travel back to yester'95 through her present paparazzi looks in the park with kiddies: kingston & zuma,and reflect on just why Ms. Stefani became my personal style icon at the mere age of 9.

Well, hello there, Tragic kingdom days: 'Twas the bondage pants, wing tipped shoes, and bindis I first fell in utter love with. Gwen certainly was 'Just a Girl' who dressed somewhat like a boy-and I didn't mind it one single bit! In the midst of an oh so tomboy phase of my own in '95, I mimicked the ska/punk/glam aesthetic. It was the first and last time ever worth straight mimicking. Deep down in my 4th grade heart, I wish Gwennie would just turn back time, and sport this look allll over again!
Crop tank, $50
T by Alexander Wang jersey tank top, $32
Goth pants, €60
Etoile Isabel Marant cuffed pants, $385
Dr. Martens checkered shoes, €345
Dr. Martens dr martens shoes, $110
Ecote flap backpack, $68
H M hair clip accessory, £1.50
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Pure Color Lipstick Spf 15, $30

Return of Saturn, 2000, Gwen had taken a hiatus for far too long at this point. How could she ever make it up to me? PINK HAIR!! She redeems herself!! So, she keeps the bindis, the red lips but adopts a more new wave aesthetic. These years called for lots of tube tops and one shoulders shirts that we won't mention, but what we can talk about is the leather and feathered do! I can't get enough of this Gwen, she was embracing romance and playfulness-two things I'll never turn down.
Maje leather top, $395
Floor length skirt, $210
Leopard print boots, £36
NADA SAWAYA hardware bag, $270
Chain jewelry, £32
MAC Me Over! , $15

Ok, soooo between 2000 and 2005, Gwen went to Jamaica, and came back with rasta colors, houndstooth, and lots of bikini tops and fisnet--yikes, i know. I wasn't too hot on this black, white, red, green, yellow--thing. There were cropped tops, cropped pants, victory rolls, pomps, and blazers galore. I can do away with this Gwen, though her body was sick, and to be fair, a girl was just showin' her hard work. Although, I will take the knuckle rings and boys underwear.

Thank the Libra stars, Gwen got back on track--her daily uniforms seem to consist of comfy boyfriend jeans, simple tops, structured jackets, oversized sunnies, a bold/large/lux bag, and statement shoes with tons of height and detail.
Stripe t shirt, £16
McQ by Alexander McQueen lace jacket, £195
Diesel black gold zipper jeans, $400
L.A.M.B. black boots, $355
L A M B clutch bag, £195
Michael kors jewelry, $150
Stone jewelry, $14
Maison Martin Margiela long scarve, $240
Carrera aviator shades, $120
Emilio Pucci printed scarf, £93
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Pure Color Lipstick Spf 15, $30
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, $21
Gwen Stefani "L" L.A.M.B. Eau De Parfum For Women 1.7 FL OZ 50 ML, $50

SO, that about wraps up my Gwenoscope. This little libra loves a good trend, but sticks to her tried and true beauty regiment. She balances masculine & feminine looks like true libra, always with a hint of romance in her style just as much as her lyrics.

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