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Monday, October 10, 2011

Just the Tips: Dirty Joke or Dip Dying?

Hear ye, hear ye:
The debut of my new pink hair has now arrived. 'Tis not the first time the Barbie hue has fashioned my head, and certainly not the last, though it is the first time I've been blonde & pink at the very same time: astonishing, I know.
No, but really..I kind of want to eat my own hair. I know the whole dipped tips/ombre/blahblahblah thing happened like a minute ago, but I'm not much for trends: the word alone give me the willies. fdjkfjkkfdj.
sorry it was a glitch due to trend repellant.
Anywho, what gets me more psyched than dyed locks?:
A grungy/romantic/cozy/militant get up to go with it.
What is that you say, Libra?
A miu miu baby doll dress & over the knee socks are the key to your heart?
--your welcome.

the Charlotte Free photo may or may not have made my heart skip a beat.


  1. Love this look on you Sasha...hope all is well :)