"Once I discovered the constellations were more than a pretty little twinkle to wish upon, I grabbed those stars and stored them in my closet!"


Thursday, April 29, 2010

My New Boudoir!

Soooo I recently moved into a new house!!! This is my dressing room, the lair! I think I went a little bright on the walls, but what's life without a little color!? I happen to think this is pretty true to my Piscean nature, it's fanciful, romantic, and a bit odd with plenty of personal touches, feathers, and flowers!

^^Above is a sketch of yours truly, drawn by an extremely talented Venice, CA based artist named Christina Angelina. She is as beautiful as her work, check her out.!
www.christinaangelina.com You will be blown away! And yes, I'm in a tutu, it's how I belong!
^^I know technically, since this is a vest it should be in my closet, but how can I store this away?! It's become a piece for decor, I actually have never worn it, it simply hangs for show! but i WILL wear it! It's too dreamy not to rock, but I'll prob have to wait until Leo !! To the far right is my Vanity, that I adore for it holds the colors i put on my face and all my cherished necklaces! On the wall: I love things a little off, hence the anti symmetry. Up there are some personal photos of fam (specifically all the women in my life in the big light pink frame in the corner....it's my fav for many reasons, mostly though because everyone who comes in my room thinks it's me receiving my blue belt in karate..do you see it?! well it's not! i'm in a bassinet swing at my christening!!! hahaa idk.. i suppose i see the karate thing. To completely contrast the purity of my christening photo : beneath a photo of Natalie Wood as GYPSY ROSE LEE, a famous Burlesque Dancer!

Ahhhhhh the cocoon....Where the dreamer dreams. Need I say more

So that's all folks...just a little look into my cave : )

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