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Monday, January 10, 2011


Cap:You have a worry on your mind that you can't seem to chase, you need to find a way to eliminate it. You have a tendency to fixate on perceived problems, and analyze them until you develop a powerful need for validation or confirmation that the problem is solved. The issue with that is that whatever validation or confirmation you receive is never enough, and your worry becomes endless. It's time to address your state of worry, and decide that whenever it pops up you will replace it with joy and a sense of happy anticipation for what will be a fabulous day and a wonderful year in general.

For me, a new pair of shoes always helps lift my spirits, but that's the Pisces in me. We may run away from our problems, but at least we run in fantastic shoes!

Paisley Jeffrey Campbell Platforms + Seriously old striped knit sweater + A ode to Fall Neutrals

I must say, no one does an old sweater better than a Capricorn..not even a Pisces impersonating a Capricorn.
Allllso..quickly..these shoes may not be typically Capricorn, I let them slide for their color palette and t-strap style. But platforms and paisley...it's a comin'..just you aquarians wait! I couldn't wait any longer to wear them. Not wearing new shoes is like not eating a huge piece of chocolate cake sitting in front of my face.

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