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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GUYSTROLOGY: "That's the Crop"


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I had the chance to have a sit down with Bry Fausto, a "Capricorn to the bone", as described by Bry, himself. We met at a coffee shop in Echo Park where the Mint Lemonade tempted me, but I opted for a good old iced coffee. This was a perfect setting, since I only know Bry ,geographically, as an East Sider. We first met while working for the same clothing line, where triangles were important and herds of hipsters would flock to parties thrown in honor of the nonchalant minimalism. Amongst the bunch, Bry always stood out to me as a creative with his boots firmly on the ground; a genuinely real human with a rare brain, a fun spirit, and a magnetic smile..all this without forcing it in everyone's face. When he revealed his Capricorn sign, it was obvious; what a goat!

Once I realized what Dress Upon a Star needed was a little testosterone style, I was on the man hunt! There are actually plenty of guys who have original style, and they may not know it, but they represent their signs through their threads naturally just by being true to themselves. Kicking this off in Capricorn, I knew Bry would be the guy! Though, often private, he agreed to have a little astrological chat with me, and allow me to expose him for what he truly is: a Capricorn! So, we chatted through our caffeine jitters, and he let me snap some photos of his signature style.This is how the story goes:

DUAS: On a scale from 1-10…how Capricorn would you say you are?

B: 9

DUAS: What are 3 characteristics about Cap that fit you perfectly?

B: I'm shy, but not with people I'm comfortable with. If they're friends, I'll wild out. I'm detailed oriented. It's the reason why I sometimes don't get projects done on time…cause I won't put it out there until I'm completely happy with it. Is that 3?

DUAS: umm yeah?

B: yeah

DUAS: So, what's not so Capricorn?

B: It's pretty on point. Even the stuff I don't like about the sign. I look at the negative, and it's me. I'm super insecure sometimes. Oh, one thing I don't think is true is: I don't say things out of the blue. Usually, Capricorns…well they don't think before they speak. I don't bullshit. It is what it is, but I analyze it first. I'm totally in my head.

DUAS: What colors do you feel best in?

B: Black, reds. Red is the brightest I'll go. It pops. It's a strong color. I also like blue.. and white. I like flat colors, and then a pop.

DUAS: What are 3 of your favorite style items that you own?

B: All of my button up shirts. I pride myself on having a collection of them. I love my doc martins…and that's all I wear. During the day, I wear converse. I don't have the time to impress anyone else. Oh, and I always wear this watch. It doesn't even work. It's super modern. Time doesn't matter.

DUAS: Are you always on time?

B: I try to be. But if ever, 5 minutes the latest.

DUAS: What's the story behind your hair regiment?

B: I don't consider it. Really, I just wake up.

DUAS: What influences your style?

B: Music. A mix of ambient and punk. I always knew what I liked because of the music I listened to. Growing up in South Bay and going to Catholic school, I had to wear uniforms, and that was fine with me. I didn't have to think about it. Plus, I like tight clothes, and school uniforms always had a tighter fit. It's all about fit. This was a time where it was cool to wear baggy clothes, and I wasn't into that. I kind of dress the same way as back then.

DUAS: What style do you like to see on a girl?

B: If you met a lot of my exes, they're all different. It's not specific. It's a vibe. Chemistry mostly. I've dated very meek, nerdy girls to kind of punk girls. I like girls that wear a dress but with weird, tough boots. Feminine but with masculine undertones. Oh, no that sounds terrible. (i assure him it doesn't) I like a girl with confidence who can hold her own but still be feminine.

DUAS: What's your favorite spot in your apt?

B: Probably my backyard. I like being outside. I work in my room, so I need to go somewhere else to hang. Second would be my kitchen. I love food! I eat a lot of pomegranate seeds.

DUAS: That's it?

B: I'm kidding. But that IS all I had for dinner last night. Other than that, I like a lot of sushi. I try to eat healthy…but..I don't. I always want to go get a burger after sushi.

DUAS: Favorite Smell?

B: Clean laundry. A clean smell makes me feel organized.

DUAS: What style/trends do you hate/ What would you never wear?

B: I hate heavily graphic, cheesy shirts. Some I can dig if it's not gaudy. It has to be done correctly: good logo, cool concept. I don't like clutter in clothes. I like wearing plaid because there's order. The lines make sense.

DUAS: Do you have any tattoos?

B: none.

DUAS: Any reason why you've refrained from ink?

B: In highschool, everyone was getting tattoos, and it shaped me not to. I like symbols, but I never got around to do it. Maybe in my 40's I'll get tattoos.

DUAS: Black or White?

B: The color, right?

DUAS: No, the race.

DUAS: Ok, yeah..the color.

B: Black. Easier to maintain.

*This outfit above is what Bry was wearing when I met up with him today, how perfect. Check back a couple of entries of mine to "I am Buddy Lee"..this is how spot on I am!
A special thanks to Bry for letting me put him on blast and for being a Rad Capricorn and Friend!

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