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Monday, January 31, 2011


The Inspiration for Aquarian Make Up is much like everything else Aquarius: leave the norm at home, and put on a FACE OF ART! Be boundless and creative. Color is your friend-use it to your discretion. If it's a color you would even question putting on your eyes, take it a step further and slap it on your lips. Who says lips can't be neon green. Not an aquarius. Give your safe winter hues a rest and put on your best Glam Rock face!
Let's talk eyes...thinking subtle? WRONG! Go bold with neons and brights. This doesn't mean you have to look like a clown. Perhaps just a bright neon underneath your eye. A swipe of bright shadow or bright liner across your top lid will work too! Just Remember: If you're doing a bright and bold eye, take it easy on the lip and go toward a more neutral, you don't want someone trying to hire you to perform at their kids 5th birthday party. orr idk maybe you do.
Cheeks: Bright cheeky pinks! Easy enough.
L L L L Lips: Blue, green, purple, yellow, pink..whatever you feel for the day. Don't limit yourself to safe soft colors, they're a bit on the safe side for an aquarius. If turquoise lips are just too far gone for you, opt for a bright pink. It's a statement without too many stares.

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