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Thursday, July 7, 2011


First day in Italy--we docked in Livorno, then traveled into the city of Florence : as the Italians call it: Firenze! We had a tour guide, who really loved the idea of a 2 hour run on sentence, which despite the lovely little italian accent, made me want to rip her arms off. We ditched her real quick and her group of slow moving followers. For this, I coined the phrase: "Battle the Cattle"- which basically meant, act like a child on a school trip, and when everyone goes to stare at the Lions for 3 hours, I'll be over here at the Monkey Exhibit. ok, back on track- I saw 3 versions of Michaelangelo's David and his unimpressively small uncircumcised manmeat, dozens and dozens of vespas, & an endless amount of paintings of Jesus and his crew. And this is what I wore:

Lace Turban headband + Black wrap dress + Black lace bralet

Again, this is a modern crab look, with some throwback flair. Nothing is overly mod. It's very simple, and comfortable..yet the details like the headband, belt,clear framed sunnies, and peeking bralet add cancer personality.

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