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Friday, August 26, 2011


Virgo-You feel a little burdened by all the stuff going on today. That's ok--everyone has hte right to feel tired from time to time, and it's a safe bet that your load will lighten in just a few days.

Yesterday, I had a day-date at Venice Beach: perusing the junk, smelling the hippies, feeling the Pacific's breeze. I walked away with sand in my shoe and a bag of incense. It never gets old
Virgo Musts:
Leather trousers + sleek/minimal chignon + layered thin necklaces.

wait i'm not done.

I need to say 2 more things

1. These leather pants didn't fit last summer, so ..fuck yeah.
2. The fringe on the butt is epic and I needed to address it.

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  1. you look great! small pockets with extra tassels!