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Monday, August 29, 2011

Safety First: a tale of a meticulous and uptight sweetheart

Virgo- Everyone knows you're the master of detail work, and today you show off for the masses. It's easier than ever to score big with something others would have terrible trouble with.
Super Speedy Coffee date before work today.
I managed to get in a good .4 second cry fest (don't ask)before I snapped a couple fotos.
Is it just me or is EVERYTHING changing in EVERYONE'S life right now?? Every single human I talk with lately is going through major epic changes-such a breath of fresh air. I toast my Grande Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee with a touch of Skim to the bravery of change! In my book, to not change is to die. So, I'm living on and changing things the fuck up. -Cheers
--now: back to Zodiac loveliness ..oh, hey virgo

Virgo Musts
Crisp white button up
Femme Floral
The most uptight and least punk way to wear a Safety Pin

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  1. super the skirt and the safety pin!:)