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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Fiery Crash

LEO: You need to deal with an important person in your life-- though it might not be as close as your mate. If something doesn't quite feel right with a friend or colleague, discuss it over coffee.
I'm finally wearing Sunny/Fiery Colors that are truly Leo.
Orange + Yellow + Gold(glitter) = LionMania.
I was on my way to dinner with a Leo Gentleman, in fact, so I had to look the part.
This Lion fellow only wears black, I'll tell you more about him later-he's a babe---but what male Leo isn't or at least thinks he isn't?
'Tis a tame lioness get up, but a jungle-cat none the less. These are the most absolute Leo shoes I think ever made: Gold Glitter Platforms..I for one would wear them in the jungle. You?

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