"Once I discovered the constellations were more than a pretty little twinkle to wish upon, I grabbed those stars and stored them in my closet!"


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Calling all GEMINIS: Get your Aries on!

Ok, GEMINI, it's your turn! You couldn't possibly wait until the end of May for some attention- so take a tip from ARIES in the meantime!! Yes, you love your looks to be fun and a little eccentric and wacky-bright and tell the world exactly how fun you are! Well, don't stop-just refine it. You have plenty of random fun pieces, but maybe by putting an Aries twist to your look, you could find those key basics to pull your whole look together. Neutrals don't have to be boring: you can still pair it with your neons and prints.Next time you go shopping, fight your instinct for just a second, and channel Aries to push you toward the timeless cuts to refine your look. Also, Gemini's love their accessories, so take a hint from Aries, and find that preppy/classic inspired bracelet or bag, but with kooky colors or a eye catching print to add your own twist.

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