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Monday, March 28, 2011

Tips for a TAURUS to incorporate Aries into their look!

Everyone can learn a little something from someone else, so why not take some tips from another sign to freshen up your own sign's look?!

TAURUS: This is a blend of your sign with a little influence from ARIES.
What you can take from Aries: Yes, earth child, comfy, practical, and neo hippie grunge is your strategy, but by adding a little bit of Aries, you can toss in a bit of a tailored, modern, bold details to ad some crispness to your laid back look.
A Taurus philosophy is often the looser the better, it looks and feels more relaxed. got it...but every once in a while taking a note from a well tailored Aries could be a nice little change up for you. Instead of a maxi dress, or boyfriend fit pants (both of which i adore, and will be wearing plenty of next month), mix in pieces that are fitted and well tailored to balance out your looser looks. Another way to let Aries help you freshen up for spring is take from their color palette: Crisp whites, soft pinks, and corals would compliment your favorite army greens and browns. Don't over do it. Stick to your guns, but trading in your boots or wedges in for a hot pair of pumps for one night might make you feel like a brand new kind of bull!

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