"Once I discovered the constellations were more than a pretty little twinkle to wish upon, I grabbed those stars and stored them in my closet!"


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Me...I'm a freak. But thanks for loving me, cause your doing it perfectly.

Pisces: Something wonderful is about to unfold in your life. Do you deserve it, pisces? This question is at the heart of the matter. You are tough on yourself. You are often driven by guilt and regret. You sometimes make decisions based on past failures, as a way of compensating for something. Now, though, you need to fully acknowledge your worthiness. You need to see yourself as a loved child of the universe. You will receive an unexpected gift of some kind very soon. But you won't be able to fully use or enjoy it if you don't believe you deserve it. You do, though, so allow it.
Fur + Crucifix + Polka dots

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