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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


In efforts to get my ass into better shape, I'm going to use astrology as a guide to choose my workouts! Each sign definitely has specific sort of work outs that would best suite their sign, so I'm going to explore all of them throughout the year.
As for our little first sign, ARIES: I'll be kicking it into high gear, focusing on Kickboxing!
Perfect for this fire sign, a sweat-tastic, high cardio class that allows you to activate your temper and let loose. It gets pretty intense, but an Aries is always up for a challenge! She'd never quit and leave, even if she thought she was going to vom and pass out- she'd still be punching away.

So, that being said...I started officially yesterday! Now, I've taken kickboxing classes before, but this one took the cake! I took a class from Nicole (who happens to be an Aries-go figure) at 818 Fitness in Woodland Hills, and h o l y c r a p, intense! I always got a great workout from kickboxing, but with her non stop strategy, you never had the chance to acknowledge that you were probably going to pass out. Through a series of punches and kicks mixed with high cardio movement, I relate this most to dancing in order to pick up on the "choreography" or "series" that most people already are familiar with in the class. One of the highlights was that I brought my uncoordinated, Leo boyfriend, and catching a glance of him attempting to follow was pure comedy, until the sweat dripping down my eyes blinded me, and I could only focus on my own workout! Overall, I was left with no breath, burning shoulders, and next day abs! It's a total body workout, even engaging your brain, since you have to think quickly to follow: an absolutely perfect Fire Sign/ARIES work out!

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