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Friday, May 20, 2011

EVERY SIGN could use a little more TAURUS: How to mix a Taurus Look with YOUR sign!

Looking to add more of an Earth Child/Ethnic feel to your everyday style? Look no further: Infuse some TAURUS influences, and you're set! Here are some tips for EVERY SIGN: Find yours!

You can keep your fresh & Bold look, just add some loose pieces in a neutral color and knits to ease your usual sharp style.
Keep your focus piece in a neutral tone, while letting your 'go to' playful colors and prints shine in your accessories!
Both signs are complimented by focus around the neck, shoulders, chest; so accentuate that area with embellishments. To get a more Taurus look, you have to let your natural instinct for overly feminine and vintage take a backseat. Don't worry, it's not too far of a stretch: just implement Soft subtle colors that reflect natural stones. And trade your pin up shape for a more modest fit.
You're already on this track, but instead of sequin pants, let your boldness show through in your larger than life accessories! Keep your garments in that 70's feel, draped and flared, but nothing thats over the top "look at me"- don't worry you'll still have eyes on you, don't fret.
Even though you're both Earth Signs, you interpret things very differently. Let this be a time to add some mass and weight to your ever so light and clean style. Baby Steps: Chunky platforms + a statement neck piece with lots to look at- let the feathers fly. Mix that with your already refined look for a perfect blend of bohemian & crispness.
Lucky, you can carry color, texture, & print. This is the place to showcase it. Blend your romantic color palette with ethnic patterns and knits.
Scorpions should take note of this ethnic & tribal essence to showcase your sharpness. This is also a great marriage of two signs that wear Leather like a dream. Less gothic dungeon and more jungle punk. Go.
I think of Sagittarius as the most similar to Taurus, just with cleaner lines, bolder color choices, and more Luxurious Taste. So blend your Bold Lux look with a more laid back feel.
Accentuate what both signs have in common: a neutral palette with pops of color & geometric prints. Add 3 more accessories than you normally would, and make them pretty significant sized pieces. Don't wimp out. Go for it.
Let your bohemian blood come through, but tone down your futuristic aesthetic. Let your bizarre and unexpected style come through with accessories, and prints. Keep your fit loose and long.
Don't fret you don't have to loose to your soft dreamy attire to get a Taurus Look, just add a bit of masculinity to balance your look out. Add some chunky leather, camo green, carved woods, and stones. Keep your signature feminine style, while still getting the rugged look of Nature's Best.





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