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Thursday, May 19, 2011

NATURALLY GRUNGE: The Face of a Taurus

The Sign: Taurus
The Look: Natural Grunge
  • EYES.
  • No defining eyes for Taurus! Don't worry about being precise with that eyeliner. We're going to go for a more smudged look: esp under the eye. Keep your shades in neutral browns, olives, and plums. Also, steer clear of shimmers & glitters. You're a solid sign, keep it natural/grungy looking--you're not a barbie.
    • CHEEKS.
    • I like using creme based blushes and stains for taurus. It just feels more tangible and natural, using your hands rather than a brush. It's silly, but true. Wine, berry, plum, and sun-kissed bronze colors are all the rage for this earth sign.
      • LIPS.
      • Au Natural is always a great option--a moisturizer lip balm with spf. But if you're a bolder bull-go deep. Deep wines, Deep Browns, Deep Berry. Rich warm colors. Oh, and leave the gloss behind. You're free flowing hair will get stuck to your lips.

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