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Monday, May 2, 2011

Which sign's can wear pigtails??And why

Taurus, Gemini, Libra, & Pisces.. no two braids alike, yet all qualify as a good old fashioned set of pigtails.

Why these particular signs you may ask...
The Answer lies in twos.
These four signs are all somehow represented by the 2.
Taurus is the 2nd sign
Gemini's symbol is the twin
Libra's balancing act is represented by the indecision and weighing of 2 sides (aka the scales)
and Pisces are represented by 2 fishies.

Hence, my statement is now clear that these are the chosen signs for appropriate pigtail wearing.

And noww, for how we differentiate them:
The Bull sports hippie/Boho inspired pigtails. Loose, Thick, and Messy by Nature.
The quintessential Child-inspired pigtail. A twin's tails are playful, well accessorized, and have a lighthearted humor.
Now, as for the scale's tails, these are not your every day pigtails. They derive from the pigtail, but thanks to a blend of indecision and creativity, a Libra will twist her pigtails to create something new, such as a crown of braids or a cluster of multi tails. The re-invented pigtails of a Libra are Romantic, Undefined, and have more sophistication than the traditional tails.
The Fish's Tails are exactly that! Comprising their pigtails of fishtail braids. They are closely woven braids with frayed edges. The mimicking braids of a pisces are Neo-Bohemian, mermaid inspired, and a perfect mix of structure and deconstruction of a braid.

So does this mean the other 8 signs are banned from pigtails...
well, yup.

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