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Saturday, May 14, 2011

KNOT YOUR AVERAGE GIRL: Hair inspiration for a Taurus

Taurus, Let your locks fly free. It's fine with you if your tresses are out of place, and quite frankly they look better that way. Bed Head, Dread Locks (real or faux), and Braids are your goto hair tricks. You're hair should have texture. Turn in your flat iron for textured beachy waves. Once you've "done" your hair, shake it up a bit, and you should be good to go. Now, as for color: keeping it in a rich chocolate family would best highlight your sign. Ok, now my sweet tooth has kicked in. Well, while we're at it, espresso and mochachino shades work great too--basically anything whose name is caffeine based, you're on your way to your taurus look!
There is something just so glorious about dirty, knotted, unbrushed, untamed hair. I don't know if it's the texture it gives, the volume it allows, or the perfectly tousled, post sex affect...but I've always been a fan and never a stranger to tangled tresses.


  1. Im loving the visuals and the ensemble breakdown... especially the makeup tips... gloss is something i always regret wearing because my hair truly does get stuck in it and it's not very fun hehehe... you are so on target with this it's crazy!! xoxo

  2. Thanks!! Yeah, why is gloss so tempting when we all know that we'll be peeling strands of hair off our lips all day?? lol the things women do for beauty...i just forget the gloss all together now, especially if I'm wearing my hair down. Anywho, thanks again!..comments like yours make my day!! Spread the Word <3