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Monday, February 14, 2011

Aquarius on Valentin'e Day

aquarius vday
Well, Vday does fall within the Aquarian time period doesn't it? Aquarius gals certainly have an idealistic idea of love. That everyone can share love, and love is infinite, and everyone deserves love. Not once did I mention commitment, did I ? Aquarian's aren't the most loyal humans. This doesn't make you lovely ladies bad seeds, you just are on your own track fulfilling your life's whims, not trying to be tied down by one single person. Though, how often to you fall for someone. Yes, pretty often are you enamored with a person, but not long after do you catch another wave. This is not a bad thing, you are not a slave to romance, yet you are never without love. You do things on your own terms, not according to what a mate says: your ideal guy would never stunt your growth or question what you do.

Crushing on an Aquarius Guy??
If you're looking for something stable, a husband, perhaps....well maybe try again. This guy isnt ready to settle. But if you're a gal who just wants to explore and have fun, no one else will take you on a more fun ride...just be careful he just might forget to take you back. They live for their own path, therefore sometimes they dont have the desire to get too caught up in the desires and needs of others. Take it for what it is from the beginning and enjoy your time with an aquarius, just dont get hooked.
Flirt Tip
Engage him on a topic of conversation that he knows nothing about but you are well versed him. He will find it a turn on to learn from you. He'll love for you to teach him something new and unknown to him.

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