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Monday, February 14, 2011

Virgo's on Valentin'e Day

virgo vday
At first, virgo, you come off cold romantically, but it's only due to your meticulous thought process. You don't make irrational decisions, if you are to choose a guy to be yours, they've already gone through a rigorous process in your head, and passed a difficult test. But once it's aced, you're a caring and sensitive woman who has way more warmth than meets the eye. You're feminine without the foolishness that often comes with little girls. Your perfection in your eyes is attainable and realistic, not one of a fantasy world, but that doesn't mean you don't have an incredible imagine, it just means you don't act on a whim. This valentine's day, don't over think too much, just enjoy things for what they are...you can judge them later.

Crushing on Virgo Guy??
Get ready for a guy who actually pay attention to the little things you do, details, and not only listens, but remembers every word you say. This is the guy who will remember your anniversary and the sweet things you do for him. On top of this, he's intellectual and caring with a wild imagination. All these things sound great, all women think they want guys to notice all the little things and remember what you just said, but here's the thing, they not only notice and remember, but they're armed to use it against you. If you mess up, they'll recall it on the drop of a dime, and if you proclaim something and go back on you're word, it's the virgo guy, that will call you out on it. Don't be afraid to call him out too!
Flirt tip
pull the age old when your laughing at one of his smart jokes, place your hand on his abs...remember, virgo notices the little things..just a light touch will sense a surge through him!

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