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Monday, February 14, 2011


cancer vday

Ahh what's better than being in love to a cancer, it's their life! Cancers are such a romantic and nurturing sign. who love the idea of playing the role of the perfect little housewife, well knowing of their own strength and ability to do anything their big hearts desire. Cancers have so much love to give. They are true romantics. Sweet as pie with a big bite of crazy! That's right, you cancer girls know that your mood swings could drive your dudes away. We all know how emotional you can be, but your habit of spilling your guts every time you feel one little emotion wears on male brain. They can't comprehend all of these different emotions. Perhaps, this valentine's day, you can reserve your emotions for the ones you feel the strongest and let your Valentine take care of YOU for once! Be the demure yet striking woman you truly are! Don't shy away from wearing a vintage red dress today, a retro look will make you feel like a love story from the past, when romance wasn't dead.

Let me be frank, if you're not the maternal and ultra nurturing kind of woman...just have a nice dinner and go home. Cancer men long for someone who can live up to the standards of their glorified mothers or replace what they never had in them. It's a handful catering to their sensitive whims, but in return you gain an easygoing, "good" guy who comes equipped with the capacity to love. You may have to be patient though, you're valentine might be a little shy...so if he doesn't make the first move, just know it's not because he's not into you: it's a blend of 1. he's an uber gentlemen and 2. he's a shy crab.
Flirt Tip
Bake him something sweet for your date. It'll melt in his mouth and his heart!

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