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Monday, February 14, 2011


gem vday
One day you're madly in love, and the next...ehh better as friends, right? Geminis, you can talk yourself into and out of anything! Don't go breaking any more hearts. Boys are always so confused when you're over it, cause last they checked you two were madly in love. My advice this vday, don't get so serious professing your love, just because you have the best words to express it. ..cause you probably don't mean every thing you said.. you just knew that it sounded good. If you really have deep love for someone write it in an old fashioned love letter, and make sure you mean everything down to the last 'xo'. You're such an intriguing and fun person, which is why people are so attracted to you. You have an air about you that says you don't take everything too seriously, and you want to enjoy life. So, have fun with relationships as well as your vday outfit! Play up the hallmark holiday as much as you possibly can with hearts and candy charms and show off your playful, light-hearted side!

It is likely, this, like most gemini relationships would be a fling. So, if you have the hots for a gemini guy, take it slow, hang out as friends, and observe how he treats other girls. They're such a charming sign, and know exactly the right thing to say...don't fall for it right away..wait until he genuinely knows you before you go weak in the knees. Will power, my friend.
Flirt Tip
Write him little notes..even better if it's on him with a sharpie..he won't wash it off for days..ew..but <3

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