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Monday, February 14, 2011

Pisces on Valentine's Day

pisces vday

Is there any other possible way to live life than in love??? Not for a pisces. Essentially living in our own fairytale, pisces have many princes in mind...but will offer our whole heart to just one for the promise of a Happily Ever After. Pisces are beyond romantic, almost to a fault. Always looking for their storybook dream...pisces wind up getting caught in nightmares. This is due to the habit of trying to be the fixer. Find the prince who doesn't have the heroin addiction, pisces. Pisces gets enveloped in other people's problems or dilemmas, hoping to fix or help them. This valentine's day...get dressed up in your most romantic little get up and be swept off your feet. That's all you really want, isnt' it?
Crushing on a Pisces Guy??
You love him for how mysterious and creative he is, and he will love you for the same. Pisces guys fall deeply in love when they fall. Unfortunately, sometimes Pisces don't know when to wake up and come back to reality. If youre falling for a pisces guy, make sure he's got a good head on his shoulders and that he's not ONLY a dreamer, but also guy with goals. Also, this guy has got a vivid imagination, it will be to your benefit, but he might get lost there. If you two are fighting, forget about talking it over rationally.. he will retreat to his place of escapism.
Flirt Tip:
tell them a secret. They'll love the excitement of knowing and feel like you trust them. make them pinky promise not to tell. and hold that pinky promise a little longer than you ever have.

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