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Monday, February 14, 2011

Libras on Valentine's Day

libra vday
Libras love the idea of partnership, it's not about being a housewife or a reining queen, it's truly about sharing your life with a partner. You love romance and all things girly...half the fun of a date is prepping for it, isn't it. Putting on your make-up, choosing your outfit..essentially, you create the perfect picture. You are very aware of the way you appear to people, sometimes, you hesitate to be 100% comfortable with your mate because you're still wondering what he thinks of you, and you're trying to maintain that image you think he has of you. Let go of it this VDay..and just be the you that YOU love most..he'll follow.

Crushing on a Libra Guy??
Like their female counterpart, Libra men are also searching for a partner, they are romantic guys who enjoy relationships. You just have to get this guy to loosen up... he's a bit stuck in his own head, weighing the pros and cons of everything. Perhaps go on a date that's out of the norm for both of you, so you can let your guards down and try something new and fun together without judgements.
Flirt Tip
Give him a back massage or when you hug him, hold him lower on his waist. Libras have sensitive backs, esp. lower back.. they'll like the attention there.

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