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Monday, February 14, 2011

CAPRICORN on Valentine's Day

cap vday

You're a complex woman, capricorn. You love to look back in history at romances before your time, and dream that romance like that still exists, yet you are such a modern woman, and so aware of the world around you, you understand quite logically, that men will not be jousting in honor of your affection. This doesn't mean you've lost your idealistic view of what you want for a mate, and have hope..it simply means you don't fall for every "prince" that dances your way. What attracts you is a loaded brain. You know that looks fade, and a strong willed, intelligent, sensitive man will last much longer than washboard abs. But why so serious, Capricorn...let loose that side of you that not many people know you have . This valentine's day...don't worry about finding your life-mate and go out and have fun with a babe with good hair

Crushing on a Capricorn??
Often mistaken for as boring, you are well aware that this is a complete myth. Most probably just don't understand their dry sense of humor, but trust in the fact that Capricorns are hysterical and genuine guys. They are classic guys who have the gentlemen qualities of the past with modern, forward thinking. Spend time stimulating eachother's mind in fun ways. They're not much for being in huge crowds, but small gatherings of game nights or one on one time at home with a glass of wine and crossword puzzles will give you personal time to let this otherwise reserved capricorn guy open up.
Flirt tip
Wear a skirt, a modest one. Capricorn guys don't go for trashy types of girls, but if you wear a feminine and tasteful skirt, you'll hook a capricorn. If you want to go the extra mile, take out your contacts, and rock your glasses instead. They'll find a little kink in your geek chic look!

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