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Monday, February 14, 2011


aries vday
You are an aggressive mate. You also tend to think that your feelings are stronger than your partners, as if it's a competition. Well, take a step back and relax..enjoy the ride. Yes, it's great to be the best.. but you should be focusing on finding the best in others! As for your vday outfit--look for something in a classic shape but in a bold color or a modern twist on something otherwise romantic. Also, a sweet headband will be the perfect finishing touch for your date night.

Crushing on an Aries Guy??
Aries guys put their girls on a pedestal! Sounds great, huh? It definitely is....for a while. He is a strong male and wants you to be his perfect one. But when he starts judging you on that pedestal and he starts seeing cracks..he'll put the pressure to fix those cracks, even if they're not fixable. Bring his exceptionally high expectations to a more realistic level by being completely honest about who you are. He may not want to hear the whole truth, since he sees you how he WANTS to see you. But in the end, it will be worth it to just cut the bullshit out early on. Otherwise, Aries' are a great catch- a great man in general! They're athletic gentlemen who are aggressive,, determined, and just as competitive as their female counterpart.
Flirt Tip:
Run your hands through their hair. It's both sexy and comforting to them. You'll have him and his hair wrapped around your little finger.

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