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Monday, February 14, 2011


sag vday
How can men keep up with a sagittarius woman on the go?! You're all about having a good time and living life to the fullest with your friends. You're well traveled , therefore enjoy picking up to go whenever you please. This vday.. don't be in such a rush to run off and ditch your friends for the night. If there's a guy who you're interested in, take him up on his date offer, give one person a little special attention. Slow down, and you never know what you might find. And of course, look sexy as ever doing it in a form fitting dress that shows off your love of being active.

Crushing on a Sagittarius Guy??
Athletic, Fun, has lots of friends..sounds like someone you'd want to be around all the time, right? Yes! Absolutely, sag guys are always up for a good time, and know how to achieve that! But don't expect this fire sign to be there for your every whim. He's not all too mushy, so he also might not be the guy to cry your eyes out too. Its not part of his DNA. But if you're a gal who isn't a weeping willow, go get your superman!
Flirt Tip
Remember when you were 13 at the movies with your crush and you touched his thigh for the first time, and it was the biggest deal ever! It STILL is! Channel your inner 13 yr old self, and stroke his thigh. Just make sure you don't have eye-contact while doing so. Make it casual. It's flirtatious without being too intense.

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