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Monday, February 14, 2011


leo vday
You only do things at 100%, so why would Love be any different,? Isn't that right, Lioness'? You love with a big bold heart, you are generous and loyal. You're practically wonder woman. But here's the thing...wonder woman didn't have a partner, did she? You also have the tendency to make the whole show about you, and in a relationship, you have to consider them as the other half, not the other 3/4 . This valentine's day, take the time to put the spotlight on your mate, it will truly show them that even though you're usually headlining, they too can be the main event. Now, leos, this doesn't mean you have to look like a wallflower...oh hell no. Treat him like a king, today... but you should still look as fabulous doing it! Break out the sparkles today and don't forget a bright pop of red. It's valentine's day after...not like you need an excuse to wear such a brazen color!

Crushing on a Leo Guy??
Be prepared to be entertained! Of course, you love this guy..he's show-stealing and you can't take your eyes off of him. He's a loyal and optimistic guy who showers his partner with affection. So easy to love him, and that's why everyone does. Everyone. So, be on the look out for predatory women, who find him as charming as you do. He also is highly likely to be a flirt, cause of course, like every single born leo ever known to mankind.. he loves and lives on the attention. You have to be a secure woman to take on the king of the jungle, luckily though..if he's yours..no matter who else is on the hunt for him, he'll be loyal to you.
Flirt Tip
Stand out in the crowd! He'll find it attractive if you can hold your own in a room and work it. Wearing a bold outfit, will absolutely catch his eye. Among the sea of drab, he'll find your confidence to stand out to be a turn on!

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