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Monday, February 14, 2011


taurus vday
Your nature is to be super caring, but once you're crossed..it will be his final valentine's day with you. You're not easily forgiving, perhaps this VDay give someone a second chance (only if they're deserving). Since you tend to be so strong willed, showcase your soft & feminine side today by wearing a loose flowing dress. But don't be afraid to wear a kick ass pair of platforms, just incase your date gets out of line and you need to take action! Also, layer up all of your romantic necklaces for an eclectic look...emphasizing your neck is always in your favor!

Crushing on a Taurus Guy??
I've only had very brief encounters with Taurus' guys, but I do know they may seem stubborn at first, but they are truly romantic. Earn their trust, break down the wall, and you'll be revealed to a sensitive guy who longs to take care of his mate.
Flirt tip
When you kiss him goodnight, wrap your arms around his neck. It will make him feel like you depend on him and secure him as the dominant male. And if you're bold..press your lips to his neck and he's yours.

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